Grape Tootsie Pop


  • Details
    Type: Combo Slime: clay top, jelly bottom
    Charm: None
    Color: Purple bottom, brown top **MIGHT TEMPORARILY STAIN HANDS - May stain white surfaces**
    Size: 6 ounces
    Scent: Grape & tootsie roll
    Intended purpose: Poking, stretching (slowly), squeezing and making bubble pops.

    * Slimes are non refundable/non returnable
    * By making a purchase, you are confirming you are 18 years of age or older, or have parent's permission to buy
    * Once a transaction has been made, it cannot be cancelled
    * Do not purchase my slimes if you are allergic to glue, borax, liquid starch, corn starch, lotion, glycerin, fragrance oils, hand soap.

    Please feel free to contact me via Etsy if there are any questions about your slime!